Creating a Blizzard account

Note: This guide was contributed by Nuno from the audiogames forum.

Some players reported significant issues while creating their Blizzard account. The following chapter aims to break down the process into easy to follow steps. All example screenreader output shown here comes from the JAWS for Windows screenreader. If you use a different screenreading software, all steps should be roughly the same.

  1. First, please open this page in order to start the registration process. The page is fairly simple. The first thing concerning you is the "Birthdate (dd . mm . rrrr)" Text box. Please keep in mind that the format of this field might differ if you are in the different region. Do not worry about the punctuation between the values. My birthdate, for example is 22.05.2002 according to this format. So, I needed to type 22052002 into the textbox. The registration program automatically inserted all necessary punctuation, and so entering it would be unnecessary, even creating problems. After you enter the values, check whether any frames appeared on the screen. If no frames have appeared, please reenter the birthdate. The thing is that sometimes the CAPTCHA frame does not appear, and so players get frozen when clicking "Continue". The captcha can be completed easily by a blind person, just click on the "Sound challenge" button and an appropriate sample will play. After you have filled in the captcha press Enter. When your screenreader says "You are verified" finally you can click "Continue" and so move to the next step of the registration process.

  2. The second step of the registration process concerns entering your real-life information, such as first and last name. While nobody is gonna check the authenticity of this information, it is strongly advised to enter the real data. It will be kept confidential, while it will let you use it to communicate your true personality with the players you might meet during your adventure. After filling out all the required fields, please click on "Continue".

  3. The next step allows you to enter your E-Mail address and phone number. Entering a phone number is optional, while you need to enter a real E-Mail address. E-Mail address is used to login and to retrieve your password in case you forget it.

  4. The last step requires you to enter your password. Here the program will always say that the password is too weak. However this might not be the truth. You can verify whether your password is correct by clicking on "Continue".

After you complete this final step, your account is ready to use. The one thing you might want to do is verify your E-Mail, however that step is straightforward and so it does not have to be described here.